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Connecting You With The Right Candidates.

Celium Recruitment has committed to driving change. We want to improve the industry and the lives of those that work within it. It benefits you, it benefits us, and it benefits the future of the industry.


We know you have options to choose from when it comes to building a workforce and you could build one in-house, but the effort it takes and the time you have just don’t make it worth it in the long run. That's why when it comes to recruiting the right people, we deliver. When you work with us you get:

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    Access to a huge and ever growing pool of labour

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    Better World

    We have strong social and environmental goals

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    Guidance on qualifications and career progression

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    Complete Solution

    We handle it all - Advertising, onboarding, payroll & compliance

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    Our team all have a mixture of recruitment & real site experience

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    Shared Values

    We value honesty, transparency & hard work

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A Seamless Recruitment Experience Every Time

We know your world as an M&E contractor is fast-paced and complex.

Fluctuating demands and programme deadlines mean you’ll often need extra manpower. So it’s essential to have access to high-calibre craftsmen… often at short notice.

At Celium Recruitment, we work with:

  • Contractors relying on agency mechanical/electrical labour

  • M & E contractors needing to fill the gaps

  • Companies on the verge of big growth

So whatever stage you’re at in your business and no matter what your needs are, we can help you get the job done.

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Are You An M&E Contractor On The Verge Of Growth?

We’re The Agency That Knows Your ‘Hows’ And Understands Your ‘Whys’.

If you’re at the turning point in your business and looking to grow, then rely on us to supply your flexible workforce.

When you reach that turning point of growth,  it can be difficult to find that sweet spot when it comes to labour. The last thing you want is to build an in-house workforce and then have work slow down through project delays or industry downturns.

With flexible mechanical and electrical labour, you get everything you need – the simple way.