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John Peacock

John Peacock

Electrical Labour Manager - Northeast

About John

Meet John Peacock - Your Go-To Expert for Electrical Recruitment in Newcastle and the Northeast

When it comes to electrical recruitment in Newcastle and the broader Northeast region, John Peacock is a name you can trust. As the Labour Manager for the Northeast Region at Celium Recruitment, John is responsible for overseeing our bustling electrical labour division in an area that remains a hub of activity for us.

John’s journey in the electrical field spans an impressive 18 years, a majority of which—14 years to be exact—were spent working through various recruitment agencies. This rich history equips him with an intimate understanding of both the skill sets required for the trade and also substantial experience of working with agencies, both as a client and candidate. His experience isn’t limited to the UK; he has worked throughout Europe, an area which we will be focusing on in the future. From supervising teams of up to 60 electricians in Denmark to steering critical care maintenance projects in France, his range of expertise is vast.

In a field where experience and attention to detail are key, John Peacock stands out as a seasoned veteran. If you're searching for a trusted hand to guide electrical recruitment in the Northeast, you can’t find a more qualified professional. John is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality electrical labour in Newcastle and the Northeast, ensuring that your project is not just completed, but executed to the highest standards. For trusted and reliable electrical recruitment services in Newcastle and the Northeast, look no further than John Peacock at Celium Recruitment. Reach out to John today to discuss your project's unique needs.

Outside of work, John enjoys keeping fit, helping out in the community and rescuing wild animals.

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